20 Dec 2022

How to Clean and Maintain Your Clipso Fabric Stretch Ceiling

Many people are installing stretch fabric ceilings in their residences, which has become a buzzword in the interior industry. There are several reasons behind this buzz, and the most common is that when someone installs this, it works as a finished product.That means this fabric does not need further chances like additional painting or finishing touches. However, if something has READ MORE

14 Nov 2022

How does better acoustic play a role in improving workspace productivity?

Imagine you are working on something very important or in some meeting at the office and then all of a sudden your concentration got broken by an external sound/noise which ultimately ruined your entire work. How would you feel? Of course, this can annoy anyone. Also, as per the research, noise is one of the most impactful things that disbalance the work in the office.In order to READ MORE

03 Nov 2022

Is Laminate Flooring the Best Option for Indian Homes?

When it comes to interior designing, our main focus is Flooring. As floor is the one that firstly grab attraction and somewhere represents our home lifestyle and what else can be better than an elegant wood look but everyone knows it’s maintenance is not an easy task. But have you heard about Laminate flooring.You must have heard about wooden flooring and it’s maintenance str READ MORE

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