About Engrave Interiors

About us

Engrave Interiors have been enhancing the lives of several interior designers around India by helping them source the blend of modern, contemporary, and exotic. Located in New Delhi, Engrave has provided interior design services for over a decade and is now a known name in India.

A Little About Us

Engrave is motivated by a burning desire to serve design professionals, helping them grace their client’s space with unique style, sophistication, elegance, and welcoming warmth that captures the personality and essence of those who live within them. We understand the value of establishing real connections with professionals is the key and thus embrace each opportunity to help them source premium-quality interior decor.

Engrave believes in helping interior design professionals find solutions for their problems instead of SELLING things. We trust our product quality, which will honor your style and your functional needs. Not only do we take care of practical needs, but we also focus on aesthetics. This helps us kill two birds with one stone. The Engrave team also guides professionals by guiding you through the process such that every step exceeds your expectations.

Thousands of interior designers across the country trust our products to complete their interior design projects. Our unique taste in interior decor products, whether wall decor, flooring, or dealing with leading brands like Nakshatra Clipso, Dhwanik, Kronotex etc helps interior design professionals make a statement in front of their clients. Let’s collaborate and create the magic.

We proudly give to you

Nakshatra Clipso – For ceiling & Walls

» Opaque
» Translucent
» Printed
» Acoustic


» PET Polyester Acoustic Panels
» MLV - Mass Loaded Vinyl
» Acoustic Felt
» Acoustic Baffles

Engrave Products

» Laminated Wooden Flooring
» Carpet Tiles
» Engineer Wood Flooring
» Wallpapers
» WPC Louvers
» MDF Louvers - AGT
» Luxury Vinyl Tiles - LVT

Why choose us ?

Premium Quality

Our team's extensive knowledge and experience ensure we help you source the best and most exotic interior decor products so that you can bring your design ideas to reality and satisfy your clients.

We take care of details

Interior design all comes down to details! Our team takes care of all the little details, from lighting to colors and textures, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. You can just sit back and watch the magic happen.

Seamless processes

We make the process as simple as possible. For every interior product you choose from us, we ensure that it fulfills all your needs and provides that nothing is amiss!

Best value for your investment

When you work with our experienced team, you benefit from top industry professionals with rich knowledge and experience. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about finding suppliers and traders. We do it for you to help you save time and make the most of your investment.

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